Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.


ok i'm about to write 30 intersting fact bout myself. if there any ...

1) my real name is Norhidayah Saksim (mean cahaya petunjuk )

2) i was called by Gadie or Apple. hurrahh! born in 5July..( still young)

3) i am a girl ( intersting don't you think?) haha

4) still young, hot and SIngle ( it's complicated actually)

5) im FBI agent undercover

6) fact 5 is a lie...

7) i will be a nurse....soon.... i like this job and the money as well. haha

8) i can cook! yeahh! i can cook anything i want! so u will be lucky to have me as your mate....hahaha

9) SAYA AGAK KUAT CEMBURU.. is this intersting? ( but if i ever get jealous, i just shut myself ..i hate ot when i get so jealous)

10) i not really a girly girl. maybe a tommy girl. i love dress and make-up! haha.. and perfume.. and. i like car, football and games..

11) all guy that i ever admire, will be my friend! i like it that way. admire does'nt mean i got to have him. hahaah

12) i get bored easily! so spend time with me more often especially when i need you the most! ( it's a warning dude)

13) i have primary school's boyfriend. which is my bestfriend now ( he try to flirt with me now?)

14) i HATE and AFRAID of BLOOD. (even i am Half-vampire) got my fang know!! hoho (evel laugh)

15) i can be rough sometimes.. watch your stinky mouth lady. i have Silat black belt.

16) no a really black belt. is it a blue? green? i don't remember. i can hit you damn hard if you mess with me.

17) at PLKN camp, they call me ustazah. ( sebab saya ikut tilawah Al-Quran kut)

18) oo...i got my Apple name at PLKN camp. haha at that time i gain weight ..emm about 60kg..

19) i never interst in matriculation study. ( my mom force me to study there-and i almost fail) haha

20) i have a crush with dr.Teo Tze Chin.. hahaha he make me smile all day.

21 ) my really real name is Norlailatulhidayah Ela ezatul Salwa Dawinda.. i dont really like the Salwa.

22) i love to laugh. kalau saya diam kawan2 saya akan menjadi hairan. hAHAHA

23) i know i have heart problem when im just 20. ( i hate the doctor! he make me cry) huhu i know this when i got a non-stop palpitation after watching the damn freaking spider movie( since then, my friend don't allow me to watch any horror movie anymore. oo i love you guys..

24) im discharged from resuscitation. (the doctors said, when people enter the resuscitation room, they discharge by only two way. DEAD or entering the ICU or WARD.) im lucky i survive.

25) i have my first surgery at 13. minor surgery at my foot. (they don't even give me analgesic(ubat tahan sakit))

26) my greatgreatgrandfather is a japanese. my grandmama told the same story over and over again. how the japanese kill people, how the villager melancarkan serangan balas. how afraid my granny is when all the japan soldier mengganas. and she still keep the duit pisang( duit jepun kut)

27) i can speak malay,english,arab( not very well) and sarawak malay also Dusun. hahaha.. and classic dusun. ok.. here it comes.. when modern dusun say one is iso. classic dusun say deliso. i hope my granma will be healthy enough to teach me the classic dusun song and language.

28) i have soo many cousin. macam2 bentuk dan rupa. one thing for sure kami semua COMEL...haha

29) this is the second last fact about me. i get addict to games when exam is around the corner. get me away from game when it is exam. hahaa

30) first i don't know what to say in this entry( thinkin that i dont have any intersting fact) but i kinda enjoying this. hahaha


Bellalong said...

wei. budak jepun sesat. hahahaha !! lawak oh ko. tali pinggang biru bah kita tu. ngeee...

apple said... mana ingat.... yg penting ada iras2 kaler ok la..haha