Tuesday, August 27, 2013

pagi buta yg tekanan

oh.. 2 in the morning? i havent sleepy yet. what am i still doing? playing candy crush..hahaa n feed the kittens. im not really in a good mood. something came up and its really ruin my mood. i've been like this since yesterday urghhh too many work too many thing pending...  so i called my friend note =" dia is my childhood friend." we talk like almost 1 and half hour.. we talk like we haven't met for a really long time. in fact we just met 2 weeks ago. lol! will that friend for you. u can talk almost everything to him.. having a very understandable friend is what important.. lately, i have to think all by myself., luckily i have my friend..my family to talk too.. huhuu
 eh its already this late?? sleep anyone? 
oyasumi minna -san!