Thursday, December 26, 2013

3. Your current relationship. If single. discuss being single


lol. what with this title. aha. 
my current relationship is in a relationship with somebody. but its complicated. haha 
why i said its complicated? i also don't know. maybe because. i don't really know what on his mind. what is he think about me, what he think about this relationship. 
well, we never talk about love. haha. eww. 
not yet la to talk about that. me oso don't ready to talk about that. 
to be honest. i don't know what is relationship is. haha i'm happy that he is with me now. 
but we had to hide this from everybody else. i dont want people to know. 
especially ppl at our workplace. this is a topsecret matter. LOL
maybe just my bff know.. because they dont know him. lalalala

oh.. im right now sitting at ( tempat panggilan alam ) if you know what i mean. euu.. ahhahahaha
i hope someday he will be more open to me and talk about our relationship. LOL 

im sure nobody will read this if i dont share this on fb. haha.

i cannot post freely now. i want a more private life. hehe


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2. Describe the Good, the Bad and the Ugly about yourself.


Satu petang di ANE. Lone Ranger. LOL kebanyakan staf cuti. Holiday kan. Xmas. 
Lamanya x update benda2 yg bermakna dalam bloggie ni. Sebab xda idea sebenarnya. Kalau ada pun.
All is nonsense. Haha! 
Some bunch of crap in my mind. Lol. 

Ok. I got some tajuk untuk post enry. Actually its the 30day blog challenges. But i will make it 30 blog entry title to write. Hehe

Describe the good. 
Me a good girl. Of course. No one will denied it.
1. I'm the original. I think that is what good about me.
2. Smile always person. Even I really mad at some people I'll just smile. huhu
3. I can be your really good friend. Insyaallah.
4. A good listener. I will listen if you want me to. I will quite if you don't want me to give opinion.
5. Actually I don't know what else the good about me. Huhu

The Bad.

1. What bad about me? Lazy. Yes I am a very lazy person.
2. Dunia sendiri punya orang. Sometimes malas mau amik tau hal sekeliling. But sometimes aku neh joyah juga. LOL
3. Can't think of anything.
4. A very emotional person. And kinda senstive too. LOL but i rather keep it quite than talk about it. Huhu. Maybe that is why i am always depressed.

The ugly.
1. haha! I slept with my lion.
2. I didn't wash my clothes for a week.
3. I laugh like a witch.
4. I'm the one kind of girl that will be friendzoned by guys. Why? Because I'm not the kind of 'girly girl'. Cool gituu.. ^^

Maybe this is it?

I gonna miss you. PFSIH.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

suatu hari di ane


actually i dont have any idea what of what im gonna post. LOL.
i've been going trough my blog's post from the past 3years.

OMG i didn't realize how much childish i am back then.. 


i kinda ashamed with my post. such an useless post, emo etc post.

now. almost the end of 2013. 

im getting matured n more serious with my life.

i have many commitment to do. working. relationship etc. 

today at ANE , kinda bored actually in here. but the best part is. 
time flies fast. huhu.

oh look! its 4.19 pm already.