Wednesday, October 16, 2013

what , why and where i write


day 1. : 

what : i write this post of what, why and where i write. hihi

why : i don't have any idea of what i should i write. but i just write. huhu.. 

where : in my very old room.

what am i feeling now : i feel kinda lonely. not because i don't have anyone. but. i dunno what in my heart. urghh.. i have being like this. i'm listening to collection of 50 best love song of all time. uhuhu i really loved clasiccal love song. currently listening to "andy william - where do i begin" this song really move my heart . huh.
well it's 10.42PM.
i better sleep.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

30 days blog post challenges


i hope i will complete these challenge..


can i just pretend that i do not know anything?
huhu.. all the time i was writin my blog about feeling and emotion.
now i dont even have time to think of my own feeling. 

busy with goddamn work.

dear oct

dear october. i only have one wish. please be more nice to me. 
i've through a lot last september.  a hurtful memories. wonderful event with my friend. lost someone i love. get a new friend. well. that sept to me. 
again this is not just some lousy post i always did. but just something i want to shout my inside out. arghh...
i'm soo depressed! i need some vaca. hopefully my besties can go to a date with me. lol

well. this blog use to be my medium to membebel. but now. i hardly can post an entry here. huhu. too busy with work. 

i just hope. this october will give me more smile on my face. 

good night all..