Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dream wedding

Every girl have their own wedding dream
Me too
But seems that dream has faded away
I don't know what i want 
I can't imagine how that wedding would be now
Hmm just because
I don't know


This should be my happy day
But instead im alone and crying
Im broken into pieces
This heartache almost kill me
Just let the tear heal my heart

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Rain


You keep running from the truth, you know it's true
you think I am crazy for loving you 

I wish you could see the angel I see 
when you stand in front of me

you think I am your best gift of all
but I wish you could understand, without you I stand 10 in. tall

I never believed in the saying "opposites attract"
but the second I met you it became a proven fact

I am cold as ice, while you're hot as fire
as long as I live you're my one and only desire

you're not just my want but also my need
you're like my personal drug, for you I plead

I am the happiest person whenever you're near
but the second you leave I shed a lonely tear


Ahayy apa la malam ni datang sot. Lama nya tak bising dalam belog neh. Busy layan anime la katakan. Just finished sailormoon. Binggung jap napa dalam anime xda scene sailormoon jadi sailorcosmos. That one scene that i really looking foward. Huhu sad.  Xda pla. But dalam komik ada pla. I read their manga last updated 2010. Urghh. New episodes! I will make sure i will find the latedt update of sailormoon. Meanwhile i will watch chinese drama " condor hero" . haha i really love this drama. Still remember the drama on TV2 @ 7pm. My father will switch off the TV. So sad oo. Because we had to study. T.T. haha paling happy kalau bapa sy p masjid sampai jam9. Boleh tgk drama china tuhh. Eh eh dah lewat. Why am i not sleeping? Sebab nak tunggu c bucuk siap kerja. He must call me! If not saya akan merajuk sampai tua. Huhu. Haha. Ee craving for cake la pulak. Alamak. Macamna la nak kurus kalau kepala asyik fikirkan pasal makanan aja. Hehe. Azam tahun baru. Saya mau kurus dan cantik. Maybe renew azam ja la. Haha. And next year insyaAllah will proceed to the next level of life. Upgrade macam2. Bukan COC ja yg kena upgrade, hidup pun kena upgrade juga tau. Ahah. Oh my. Game COC sy  biar la sampai TH7 dlu. Max lvl semua then sy upgrade p TH8. Erk. Apa yg saya mengarut neh. Okay la. Hihi. Babai blogie. :)