Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2. Describe the Good, the Bad and the Ugly about yourself.


Satu petang di ANE. Lone Ranger. LOL kebanyakan staf cuti. Holiday kan. Xmas. 
Lamanya x update benda2 yg bermakna dalam bloggie ni. Sebab xda idea sebenarnya. Kalau ada pun.
All is nonsense. Haha! 
Some bunch of crap in my mind. Lol. 

Ok. I got some tajuk untuk post enry. Actually its the 30day blog challenges. But i will make it 30 blog entry title to write. Hehe

Describe the good. 
Me a good girl. Of course. No one will denied it.
1. I'm the original. I think that is what good about me.
2. Smile always person. Even I really mad at some people I'll just smile. huhu
3. I can be your really good friend. Insyaallah.
4. A good listener. I will listen if you want me to. I will quite if you don't want me to give opinion.
5. Actually I don't know what else the good about me. Huhu

The Bad.

1. What bad about me? Lazy. Yes I am a very lazy person.
2. Dunia sendiri punya orang. Sometimes malas mau amik tau hal sekeliling. But sometimes aku neh joyah juga. LOL
3. Can't think of anything.
4. A very emotional person. And kinda senstive too. LOL but i rather keep it quite than talk about it. Huhu. Maybe that is why i am always depressed.

The ugly.
1. haha! I slept with my lion.
2. I didn't wash my clothes for a week.
3. I laugh like a witch.
4. I'm the one kind of girl that will be friendzoned by guys. Why? Because I'm not the kind of 'girly girl'. Cool gituu.. ^^

Maybe this is it?

I gonna miss you. PFSIH.

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