Friday, January 14, 2011

:: if only you knew the truth::

assalammualaikum..selamat petang.

hari ini saya kinda emo sket. maybe masalah hormon. HAHAHA

i want to tell this to someone. but i did'nt gut to do so. uwaa.. T_T

sakitnya hati bila xdapat cakap apa yang ada dalam hati! it's really HURT know..


but it's ok. i still have my blog to tell everything. and hoping he read this and know what my feeling is.


now apple dalam mood jiwang^^
"if only you knew the truth"

i am not sure what will you do
if only you knew
i love you since the 1st time i meet you
your smile
your laugh
your voice
your song
make me feel like i am in heaven

i can't sleep if i did't hear your voice
that's you i am so glad when you call me
even at the midnight
i will answer your phone
because i can have a sweet dream
after listening to your voice

i maybe don't know
how much i loved you
how much i miss you everyday
how much i get hurt if you did't pay attention to me
how much i get damn jealous
when you talk about other girl
i love when you ask
to tell everything to you

i love being around you
i love to sing a song with you
i love to have a lunch together with you
maybe you don't know
all my password is your name
(ahahaha) silly me telling my pwod here^^

adei..alamak emo mula mjalar dalam jiwa saya ni.

if only you knew the truth

arghh! i can't tell this !

ni saja saya mampu cakap sini. i really miss you so damn much.
dah bangun ka dia 2? hihi
ok la sampai sini jak la. mau sambung baca komik lagi ni..


Aretikz said...

Pengsan aku jap lai.. haha.. ni bukan emo.. ni jiw.. ahakz..

apple said...

wow...ahaha. manada emo oo...kah2

zOeY zAu YaH said...

cinta ye? hihi

apple said...

hihi...ha' ni^^

aqeyLs said...

apple jiwengs.. takper. still cute. hehe<3

apple said...

hihi... cara wanita meluahkan perasaan....
malu nak luah ngan die. awak pun cute juak..