Tuesday, February 7, 2012

im sad today


its raining outside. and im feel a lil bit sad. dunno why.
. *girl -they always sad for no reason
sometime crying and dunno why. 
*sigh.. im feeling the same. i feel depress/stressed out, yet i dunno WHY! haiya..

why do i have to feel this thing?

 is guy feel like this. mean.. suddenly get sad/depress for no reason??

aduhai.. emosi pulak saya ni skrang. i need to talk to somebody who will make me laugh to tear. tapi xmau la call dia. * woman logic ( 9gagger will understand this)

yeah!! i need to stop being so emo! haha..! im a matured woman. hoho!

i want KBOX-ing all day.
i want EAT all i could.
i want to SLEEP nobody can wake me up.

LOL.. its 11.20am. bersiap p kerja dulu. pm shift lagi.. huu...



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