Friday, November 2, 2012

ABC About You Questions


just getting bored this lonely night. huhu.
so, i saw this post on my friend's facebook wall. 
and i repost. haha

ABC About You Questions

A - AVAILABLE: NO.. ( bz kerja, belum mau available. kunun la hihi )

B - BIRTHDAY: 5 July 1990

C - CRUSHING ON:  amm entah. aga

D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: air minuman la bha :3

E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO : all my friend n famlily ^^

F - FAVORITE SONG:  your man - josh turner

G - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: gummy worms :3

H - HOMETOWN: Ranau. tapi sekarang urg Nabawan ( due to my work )

I - IN LOVE WITH:  so-ji sup ( master sun's hero ) jhahah

J - JUGGLE: sa inda pandai tuh. haha ^^

K - KILLED SOMEONE: soon.. i will.. haha

L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: Sandakan kali kan? :3

M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: sa inda suka minum susu =.=

N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: 5 kali. haha

O - ONE WISH:  supaya saya boleh wish banyak2. hahaha!


R - REASON TO SMILE:  happy ada duit. dan makanan! hahaha 

S - SONG YOU LAST SANG: kerna ku Cinta kau. haha

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 5.30 A.m bah awal kan. haha besa la bah tuh.

U - UNDERWEAR COLOUR:  aik. mau tau juga ka? haha

V - VEGETABLE(S): depends to my mouth.. HAHA

W - WORST HABIT:  orang buat lawak saya tidak ketawa. kasi ulung jak kan.

X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: CXR ( chest x-ray )

Y - YOYOS ARE: naik atas naik bawah.. entah.


Random Questions About You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Spell your name without vowels : nrhdyh. smat juga kan nama saya....

Your favorite number: 7 

What colour do you wear most?: White and black..

Least favorite colors?: ALL COLOURS except black n white :)

What are you listening to now?: bunyi serangga d luar rumah! -

Are you happy with your life right now?: boleh laaa.. :3

What is your favorite class in school?: saya suka eskep bah.. jadi sa inda suka pg kelas. haha

Who is your best friend: MANY :3 ( miss u all )

When do you start back at school/college?: aaa.. 3,4,5 tahun akan datang la kali. hiihi

Are you outgoing?: eya bah.. okay jak saya ni. :3

Favorite pair of shoes?: atlanta punya kasut .. 

Can you dance?:  yeah! sa punya kesukaan etoo..

Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: No..

Can you whistle?: tau jua..hihi

Cross your eyes?: pandai kalau saya mengantuk. hahaha

Walk with your toes curled?: haha.. buli baaa -

THE DO'S~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Do you believe there is life on other planets?: yes-

Do you believe in miracles? sometimes.. :D

Do you believe in magic?: inda la. penipuan tuh..~

Love at first sight?: yah!!! ahahahahah

Do you believe in Santa?: inda.

Do you know how to swim?: huhu TIDAK. ajar saya berenang bah..

Do you like roller coasters?: pergh.. no! bikin takut..

Do you think you could handle the stuff they put in their stomachs on those reality shows?: wut stuff??

Have you ever been on a plane?:  yeahh .. plenty

Have you ever asked someone out: ada bah.. hihi tia tau malu kan.  haha.. xD

Have you ever been asked out by someone?: yayy selaluuuu...o.o.. haha hot kn.

Have you ever been to the ocean?: yes!

Have you ever painted your nails?: besa jak tuh.. mau blawa2 kna..

THE WHATS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What is the temperature outside?: -0 kali.. paaaling sejukk.. HAHA! 

What radio station do you listen to?: i don't listen a radio -,-

What was the last restaurant you ate at?: inda ingat oo...

What was the last thing you bought?: MAKANAN hahaha!

What was the last thing on TV you watched?: apa tuh tadi aa? lupa uda.

Who was the last person you took a picture of?: aha durg workmate sa la.. cik nurse2 yg comel. haha

Who did you last webcam with?: oo my bff^^
Who was the last person you said I love you to?:  all my bff^^ love you guys. 

CRYING SECTION~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ever really cried your heart out?: aik pernah..-

Ever cried yourself to sleep?: pernah..-

Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: pernahh....

Ever cried over the opposite sex?: eyaa- haha

Do you cry when you get an injury?: eyaaaa... sa kuat nangis juga kadang2.

Do certain movies make you cry?: tinguk katun sa nangis.. huu

HAPPY SECTION~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Are you a happy person?: YEAH! OF COURSE! 

What is your current hair color?: black la-

CURRENTLY WEARING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What shirt are you wearing?: pakaian sopan. ahhahaha

Pants?: short pant :3

Shoes?: CHICKEN LEG @ KAKI AYAM.. hahaha

IN A BOY/GIRL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Favorite eye color: coklat..-

Short or long hair: both.. jan jak telampau selekeh. haha

Height: taller than me about 4-6 cm.. HAHA 

HAVE YOU EVER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Been to jail : d penjara hati mu. ( beh iwang. mulau! ) haha

Mooned someone: wulanen ka maksud dia ni?-

Laughed so hard till you cried: everyday.. haha

Cried in school: err..  pernah jua... xD

Wanted to be a model: inda la.. sudah inda lawa. pindik lagi. hahaa:3

Done something really stupid that you still laugh about: hahaaha yeah! 

Seen a dead body: yes ( sa ni kan nurse ) hahaha

Been on drugs: your love is my drug. hahaah

Gone skinny dipping: idk-

THIS OR THAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pepsi or Coke: PEPSI

Single or Group Dates: single... tapi mau cari-cari la.

Chocolate or Vanilla: sukulat. haha 

Strawberries or Blueberries: blackberry??

Meat or Veggies: cheezy. haha

TV or Movie:  TV ..  (*no TV, no MOVIE) :)

Guitar or Drums: ukulele? haha

Adidas or Nike: atlanta~~

Chinese or Mexican: mexicann!!! hahahaha

Cheerios or Corn Flakes: snow flakes?? aa

Name one random thing about yourself: saya c gadie. tuh jak!

bah ni la datang mulau kan. haha


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