Wednesday, February 26, 2014

That Girl


That girl
She always had a smile on her face
She hid her tear behind her cheerful personality
She is very talkative person
Sometimes you would be annoyed by her
But it doesn't matter
As long as people sees her as a happy girl

But on the inside
She is sad
She is crying
She was hurt
She actually has a sensitive heart

She might be look strong  
But in the inside she has a very fragile heart
Easily hurt by word

Hard to cry
Because she don't want anybody sees her weak side
But she cried everyday
Accompanied by her little lion

When she said 'please talk to me'
Even though she don't say a word
She just wants somebody to be by her side

When she is alone
She cried
She always said she don't like to be alone
Because she don't like to cry

Every moods, every laugh
Nobody know what happen in the past
She is now a grown up woman
She grown to take all the pain

It is really hurt until she finally can said
"I'm used to it"
Be strong little heart

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