Saturday, September 13, 2014

First time

3.23 am
I'm still wide awake
Laying down with nothing to do
I watched anime just now
Hey! The next thing i know is i'm crying
Soo touched by that anime

And then,
I remember how i used to feel when i cannot sleep at time like this
I would feel soo lonely
Thinking of you

I recalling those wonderful feeling
Texting you in the middle of the night just to ask " are you okay?"
Never tired of texting good morning, sweet dream
Because i loved you very much

Did you know i had a huge crush on you?
It wouldn't called crush if it didn't hurt
I rather being hurt for loving you

I missed we talk about feeling at this late night
I missed all those first time
I missed all of you

I cannot do anything without you here
I always need you by my side

Sometime i just looked at the old picture
Reading some old conversation
I missed that
I feel lonely, even you are now half mine

I am afraid i would feel lonely even after you are mine
I don't want you to forget all those first time feeling

I have a jar full of wishes and paper crumbled
All those first time 

I remember it well
Aren't you?

If i can travel through time 
I would tell you, 
Please don't forget me
You never know how much you meant to me

I was afraid being left alone when you are the only one i can hold on to
I really afraid of losing you
I cannot afford how much pain i have to endure because of losing you

Just, please
Don't let be all by my side, Alone
I need you my dear
I Love you soo much

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