Sunday, October 25, 2015

a song dedicated to you


Do i have any song? 
If so what song it will be. Haha.
I really love sad love song. Don't know why. But i just do. Im not a good singer. But I think I can sing! Haha. Now I’ve the app called "smule" i always karaoke-ing with smule. Haha nobody know me. Who care if I sound horrible. Ngerr. Hahaha

I sometime write a poem. And i sing my own poem. I don’t now why im getting depressed or cry when sing it. Haha
If I have the talent in music’, im sure there’s a lot song i will write. Huhu. Hurmm Actually the title of this entry is a song dedicated to you.  Ahah I just now listening to the top10 song that will make you cry anda the top 10 breakup song. Haha. And it’s inspired me to write a poem. Huhu. 
I want to sing it. But i just  not a good singer. Hihi

I currently listening to gamma song- hidup segan mati tak mahu. The song tiitle a but harsh. Haha. But this the only song crossed my mid. K bai. Its already late.

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