Thursday, August 14, 2014

i never thought it will be like this :(

hai i just want to update this my silent blog. it's been a while i guess? what am i thinking? i don't want to think much. it better in this days i will just pretend to be happy. people keep asking as if they were care  and it hurt so much. 
i'm the one that feel all the pain. haha oh what come to me? LOL i should'nt be emo like this. no time for being  drown by feeling. i must live on. there's many thing that i can do to make me happy. thank god i have many friend.  thank you friend for always being by my side.
what make me sad? let time answer it. i won't mention it. uhu. arghhhh.... 
okeh la. balik dulu. kbai. ahha


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